Wednesday, June 07, 2006

As Luck Would Have It...

Holy smokes! It has been almost a month since my last update… I’ve ventured dangerously into slog territory. ...So, does copying others' material result in your blog becoming a clog?

Regardless… I’ll reference an interesting
Scientific American article by Michael Shermer.

As someone who has debated the nature and origin of “luck” this article perfectly captures the nuances of the topic and beautifully illustrates what it means to be a “lucky person.”

In case you still haven’t clicked on the above link, here’s the paragraph that hooked me:

"Lucky people are far more satisfied with all areas of their lives than unlucky or neutral people," Wiseman reveals in his charming and insightful book, The Luck Factor (Miramax Books, 2003). Does this satisfied state of mind translate into actual life outcomes that someone might call lucky? It does. Here's how.

Now, are you clicking on the link? ;-)

Looks like another book for the reading list.

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