Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Great quotes

Here's my new favorite quote based on a variety of recent experiences (fortunately, very few of them first-hand). I'm not sure I can completely take credit for this one, but it's my wording:

"Some people just aren't happy unless they can find something to complain about."

A couple (updated 3/25/09) for motorcyclists:

"Live every day as though it was your last, but ride to make sure it's not!"
- me

"Riding like there's no tomorrow is the quickest way to prove yourself right."
- me

Also, from the wisdom of the iPhone Backgrounds app:

"Take risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise."

...and another that is exactly right:

"Don't look for inspiration. Start working, and inspiration will come to you."

And, one from a friend:

"To achieve one's goals, one must be willing to give without expecting to receive anything in return. Be proud even when you think you don't have anything to be proud of, and be friends with those who wish to see you fail. Because a follower will always be a follower until he or she makes the sacrifice of a leader."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Motorcycle Diaries 2009.03.09

If you aren't following religiously already, check out the (near) daily updates here:

In particular, check out the latest series, starting with:
Motorcycling is a religious experience

3/9 GSX ODO 8269
To work and back, twice.
Notable: This was a good day to ride! Not only did the weather cooperate, but drywall finishing work on the new home theater required a lunch-hour trip home. Twice the fun, half the gas!

3/8 GSX ODO 8236
Notable: Still exhausted from the previous day's ride, didn't have a whole lot of motivation until just before sundown; just a quick ride to clear the cobwebs.

3/7 GSX ODO 8225
Notable: DC rides: Algonkian Parkway to Georgetown Pike to George Washington Parkway

3/6 GSX ODO 8149
Loudoun Motorsports and back.
Notable: Perfect weather for riding. Talked with Clay Davidson for the first time in too long. In 2006, Clay got me started on the SV650-S and was there when I was ready to make the jump to the gixer.