Thursday, July 31, 2008

Motorcycle Diaries 2008.07.31

Well... that's nearly three months without a post. Blame GTA4... it's over now.

Lots of riding, but not too much notable... here's the raw tally:

Thursday, 7/31, GSX ODO 6261
To work and back.
Notable: Wanted to ride to The Long Way Down, but the BWE was along for the ride, and time was running short, and the return trip would have been in the dark... so decided not to push our luck.

Wednesday, 7/30, GSX ODO 6246
To work and back, then LCBD for building permits. Home Theater, here we come!

Tuesday, 7/29, GSX ODO 6205
To work, home for lunch, and back.

Monday, 7/28, GSX ODO 6169
To work and back.

Saturday, 7/26, GSX ODO 6155
To Target and back for Wolftrap supplies.

Friday, 7/25, GSX ODO 6141
To LCBD for building permits. No joy. Wait till next week....

Tuesday, 7/22, GSX ODO 6055
To work and back.
Notable: Light morning rain canceled plans for the 495/395 commute. Too bad, the afternoon was beautiful.

Monday, 7/21, GSX ODO 6040
To work and back.

Friday, 7/18, GSX ODO 6025
To gym, work, Target and home.

Thursday, 7/17, GSX ODO 5996
To work and back.

Wednesday, 7/16, GSX ODO 5982
To work and back.

Monday, 7/14, GSX ODO 5968
To gym and back.

Saturday, 7/12, GSX ODO 5938
Haircut, Sportsplex for soccer, and home.

Friday, 7/11, GSX ODO 5869
To gym, work, INOVA, Best Buy and home.

Thursday, 7/10, GSX ODO 5852
To Safeway and back.

Wednesday, 7/9, GSX ODO 5849
To work and back.

Tuesday, 7/8, GSX ODO 5834
To work and back.

Wednesday, 6/25, GSX ODO 5820
To work, CostCo, and Best Buy. Aloha!

Monday, 6/23, GSX ODO 5780
To work and back.
Notable: Home in the rain... again.

Sunday, 6/22, GSX ODO 5764
To Best Buy and back.
Notable: Best Buy fix. No particular reason.

Saturday, 6/21, GSX ODO 5737
To Eastern Mountain Sports for grand opening.
Notable: Bought lots of socks. And enjoyed a bit of rock-wall climbing.

Friday, 6/20, GSX ODO 5723
To gym and back. California Tortilla to pick up dinner.

Thursday, 6/19, GSX ODO 5691
To work and back.

Wednesday, 6/18, GSX ODO 5677
To gym and back.

Tuesday, 6/17, GSX ODO 5660
To work and back.

Sunday, 6/15, GSX ODO 5646
To Borders, the long way round.
Notable: An early morning ride to grab the latest Fast Bikes

Friday, 6/13, GSX ODO 5591
To gym, and Loudoun County Motorsports for a new tire, and back in the evening.
Notable: An auspicious day for riding. Uneventful, fortunately!

Wednesday, 6/4, GSX ODO 5547
To work and back.
Notable: Time for a new tire... why risk a blowout?

Tuesday, 6/3, GSX ODO 5533
To work and back.
Notable: Rear tire still holding... but for how long?

Monday, 6/2, GSX ODO 5519
To work and back.
Notable: Riding on a repaired rear tire... hmmm.

Friday, 5/30, GSX ODO 5504
To gym and back.
Notable: Rear tire nailed! 4" screw in my brand new MAXXIS tire.

Thursday, 5/29, GSX ODO 5485
To work and back.

Wednesday, 5/28, GSX ODO 5471
Evening ride to TLC and back.
Notable: Cat tails and slamming doors do not mix!

Monday, 5/26, GSX ODO 5447
Sears and HD in the early morning!

Sunday, 5/25, GSX ODO 5423
Best Buy and HD in the afternoon.

Saturday, 5/24, GSX ODO 5402
Gas and INOVA for times.

Friday, 5/23, GSX ODO 5377
To work, Dave's for GTA4, and home.

Thursday, 5/22, GSX ODO 5322
To work and back.
Notable: Rain: for the 15 minutes it took for me to ride home!

Wednesday, 5/21, GSX ODO 5307
To work and back, twice?

Monday, 5/19, GSX ODO 5279
To work and back.

Friday, 5/16, GSX ODO 5268
To work and back.

Thursday, 5/15, GSX ODO 5254
To work, the long way.

Tuesday, 5/13, GSX ODO 5234
To work and back.

Friday, 5/9, GSX ODO 5220
To work and back.

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