Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Motorcycle Diaries 2008.11.08

OK. A bit of a backlog, here... September, October, and the last few riding days in November! But this update is even more boring than most... nothing particularly notable in my notes.

November, 11/8, GSX ODO 7921
Out - to the library and work for sunglasses.
Notable: Clearly, any excuse to ride will do.

November, 11/7, GSX ODO 7895
Work and back.
Notable: My notes are a bit thin.

November, 11/1, GSX ODO 7880
Football and back.

October, 10/31, GSX ODO 7855
Work and back... just in time for Halloween!

October, 10/25, GSX ODO 7833
Work and back? Approx date...

October, 10/17, GSX ODO 7818
Work and back.

October, 10/15, GSX ODO 7802
Work and back.

October, 10/14, GSX ODO 7787
Work and back.

October, 10/12, GSX ODO 7774

October, 10/11, GSX ODO 7747
Gym and back.

October, 10/7, GSX ODO 7698
Work and back. Approx. date.

October, 10/3, GSX ODO 7658
Work and back.

October, 10/2, GSX ODO 7642
Work and back.

September, 9/30, GSX ODO 7616
Work and back.

September, 9/27, GSX ODO 7601
Out - gas and gym.
Notable: Nice to be out after a couple of days of rain... not bad after nearly two months of good riding days.

September, 9/23, GSX ODO 7568
Work and Reston Town Center for lunch!
Notable: A bit chilly - but with bright sun and great company, a great day to be out!

September, 9/22, GSX ODO 7525
Notable: No idea what my notes mean....

September, 9/21, GSX ODO 7521
Loudoun Motorsports and football.
Notable: 7,500 mile checkup complete.

September, 9/19, GSX ODO 7489
Gym and back, work and Loudoun Motorsports for service.

September, 9/18, GSX ODO 7452
Work and back.
Notable: A perfect day for riding!

September, 9/17, GSX ODO 7436
Work, lunch(?) and back.
Notable: Chilly!

September, 9/16, GSX ODO 7398
Work and back.

September, 9/15, GSX ODO 7382
Work and back.

September, 9/13, GSX ODO 7362
Football and back. (The long way? 41 miles!?)

September, 9/12, GSX ODO 7321
Work and back?

September, 9/10, GSX ODO 7308
Work and back.

September, 9/7, GSX ODO 7286
Football and back.
Notable: Rain on Thursday (4th) and Saturday (6th).

September, 9/5, GSX ODO 7253
Work and back.

September, 9/3, GSX ODO 7225
Work and back?

September, 9/2, GSX ODO 7194
Work and back.

September, 9/1, GSX ODO 7178
Rt.28 South to West Ox(?)

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