Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Motorcycle Diaries 2009.02.11

Happy New Year! And, yes, I have been riding around Virginia in the middle of winter!

2/11 GSX ODO 8114
To work and back.
Notable: After a visit to the eye doctor, the weather (68 and partly sunny) was just too good to pass up. So, after swapping the car for the bike, returned to work, wrapped everything up, and then headed back home. It's necessary.

2/8 GSX ODO 8099
Woohoo! Waxpool, 50, Snickersville Turnpike, 7, lunch at Nick's, and then home!
Notable: Riding the sweepers on Northern Virginia’s historic Snickersville Turnpike
Meeting up with 14 other sport-bike riders at noon, then hitting the road with the group. Heavy Metal Thunder! The pace was quick, and mostly legal, most of the time. It was well after noon, so it's unlikely that we woke any of the Snickersville residents, and passing rapidly, it's unlikely they were troubled by the roar of the bikes for too long. We may have seen 116 briefly on the way back on 7, but for the most part, kept the pace with the traffic. A fantastic ride, with a great new group of friends as a bonus! Oh, most notable of all: nearly 70 at 11:30AM and warming; still comfortable when I finally headed home at 5:30PM. This is the way winter is supposed to be!

2/7 GSX ODO 8017
Out to enjoy the weather for just a bit before heading to the Washington Auto Show.
Notable: In the high fifty's and sunny, it's good enough for a quick run around the block. (It's a big block.) Passed a couple riders going the other way, and then caught them again arriving home.

2/1, GSX ODO 8006
To pick up Joe's truck and back.
Notable: How different a Ford F150 and a Suzuki GSX-R1000 handle. And yet, the Ford's massive V8 and four giant tires their share of work to handle all that mass. But, nothing beats a bike and a rider weighing in under 600 lbs! 168 HP can handle that weight nicely.

Hauling lumber with the F150, I missed the apex of the temperature -- into the mid 60s. But, it was warm enough to enjoy the ride out and only a little chilly on the way back after 5PM.

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