Monday, March 16, 2009

Motorcycle Diaries 2009.03.09

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Motorcycling is a religious experience

3/9 GSX ODO 8269
To work and back, twice.
Notable: This was a good day to ride! Not only did the weather cooperate, but drywall finishing work on the new home theater required a lunch-hour trip home. Twice the fun, half the gas!

3/8 GSX ODO 8236
Notable: Still exhausted from the previous day's ride, didn't have a whole lot of motivation until just before sundown; just a quick ride to clear the cobwebs.

3/7 GSX ODO 8225
Notable: DC rides: Algonkian Parkway to Georgetown Pike to George Washington Parkway

3/6 GSX ODO 8149
Loudoun Motorsports and back.
Notable: Perfect weather for riding. Talked with Clay Davidson for the first time in too long. In 2006, Clay got me started on the SV650-S and was there when I was ready to make the jump to the gixer.

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