Thursday, February 23, 2006

Everybody’s doing it…

I’ve lived most of my life outside the norm… not particularly far out… but far enough that when “everybody’s doing it”, I probably wasn’t. When it comes to blogs, the past few years have been no exception….

But, now my boss’s boss is doing it, all the cool guys at work are doing it… so, I’m feeling a certain peer pressure to join in. Which is ironic, since most of these guys are younger than me, and most of them are a whole lot smarter… so they’re probably less peer-like than most of the peers I haven’t followed before.

Now to be fair, I was doing blogs before blogs existed. Back in the day, they were called
.plan files, a term I had always understood was coined by id Software’s John Carmack for the plans he maintained for his next big thing(TM). I wasn’t particularly consistent about updating my .plan. But, I updated enough to get my name out there.

Although blogs seem cool, for me, they’re mostly just an excuse to put down random thoughts that don’t seem to fit anywhere else. (That’s not an original thought… just a variation on a theme
already expressed.)

So here I am… everybody’s doing it… and so am I.

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Trvlrj26 said...

Well it's about time! ;) I can't believe I beat you to it.

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