Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lost Action Figures

So, on the way home from dinner tonight, one of the kids asked if they made Lost Action Figures. A quick google indicates that the answer (for now) is no. But, that didn’t stop us from beginning the design process.

So, our plan to kick things off is for individually packaged action figures, each with two special accessories. A few examples:

Locke with his Bowie knife and 9mm, Jack with his medical supplies and briefcase of guns, Clair with her baby and crib. Or, better yet, pregnant Clair with action tummy.

Now, Charlie is the ultimate Scandal Marketing(TM) ploy with guitar and statue of Mary. It’ll get attention from the religious and the anti-drug folks – two-for-one special! Probably not scandalous enough to get onto the cover of Time, or a Congressional hearing, but there’s time.

How about Artz, the exploding action figure, complete with stick of dynamite and pieces of Artz, or Sayid with radio transmitter and pliers.

Sawyer, with 9mm and hoarded supplies collection, and the one every kid’s gotta have Hurley with jar of ranch dressing and lottery ticket.

I wonder if the cast signed away rights to their action figure royalties....

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Anonymous said...

Looks like there will be action figures.