Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Motorcycle Diaries 2007

Wednesday, 9/26, GSX ODO 4298
To work and back, via the gym.
Notable: Car in the shop, so I had to ride! ;-) The scents on the road: flowers, fresh water on the pavement, cooking food, and the fresh cool air.

Saturday, 9/22, GSX ODO 4268
Riding with Greg.
Notable: The trip to meet up was great until the last mile -- oily-slick wet roads are no fun! I stayed up, but only by being hyper-over-cautious. I'm in awe of the MotoGP guys who race in the rain. The ride back was perfect -- light traffic, dry roads, and a few wide winding roads (West Ox) I haven't been on in a long while. Great riding.

Thursday, 9/13, GSX ODO 4194
To work and back, with detours to the bank and for air in the tires.
Notable: Beautiful weather.... 60s and sunny in the morning, 70s and sunny during the ride home. (Not entirely sure how the detours added up to 20 miles!)

Wednesday, 9/12, GSX ODO 4174
To work and back.
Notable: Short but sweet.

Sunday, 9/9, GSX ODO 4160
To Target, the office, and back.
Notable: How incongruous can you get?? A GSX-R riding into Target!? Still, makes picking up a spiral three-subject notebook a whole lot more fun, and I saved gas on the trip! ;-)

Friday, 9/6, GSX ODO 4143
To get my hair cut, work, and then home.
Notable: Accidental wheelie after popping the clutch going into second on the way home... uneventful riding otherwise.

Thursday, 9/5, GSX ODO 4111
To work and back.
Notable: After being out of town for a couple of weeks, it was good to be back in the saddle again.

Sunday, 8/19, GSX ODO 4097
Out after noon.
Notable: Just a quick run around the block to catch a few spots of sun between the clouds. Humid, but cool.

Saturday, 8/18, GSX ODO 4073
To Loudoun Motorsports and back (4,000 mile maintenance), and then out for a run by Best Buy.
Notable: My baby is clean again.... What a day! 70s and sunny, all day! After visiting Loudoun Motorsports, my plans for the garage include: Red Ducati 1098S, Green Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, Yellow Yamaha YZF-R1 (maybe black and red, too), and a Yellow 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000. ...someday. ;-) I'm gonna need a bigger garage!

Friday, 8/17, GSX ODO 4018
To work and back.
Notable: Not much...

Wednesday, 8/15, GSX ODO 4006
To work and back.
Notable: Seems like forever since I last rode... but in this case, absence does make the heart grow fonder, and it was great to back in the saddle (even if it was only four days). What started as a perfect 70 degree morning was warming up fast, but it was still cool enough to feel the breeze as I rode in. Riding home in rush-hour traffic wasn't much of a treat, but I'm home. With everyone driving with a cell phone to their ear, sometimes just getting home intact is all you can ask.

Saturday, 8/11, GSX ODO 3991
To gym and back.
Notable: A great way to start the day! Riding and workout, all in one. :-)

Friday, 8/3, GSX ODO 3972
To Summit Point Raceway and back.
Notable: No... not to race, yet. Just watching. But, watching made me want to get out on the track too, even after watching one of the riders being driven away in an ambulance. Hot! Not the most pleasant ride, ever. But, I accomplished my goal for the day to ride out for the races and back.

Wednesday, 8/1, GSX ODO 3834
To work and back, twice, with a stop for gas.
Notable: It's August!! Oops... left badge and drivers license at home. Nice rides. Same problem as yesterday with the down-shift from sixth to fifth. Clutch lever play seems excessive. Time for 4,000 mile check-up!

Tuesday, 7/31, GSX ODO 3805
To work and back.
Notable: Problem with shift from sixth into fifth going out of gear; chain rattling sound. At 60 mph, not a good sound.

Monday, 7/30, GSX ODO 3792
Out for air in the tires, and back.
Notable: It's getting dark by 8:30PM... lots of bugs and joggers out. Fortunately, ran into more bugs than joggers.

Sunday, 7/29, GSX ODO 3783
To gym and back.
Notable: Biking and done working out before 10AM. Nice!

Friday, 7/27, GSX ODO 3762
To work and back.
Notable: Nice finish to the week. Crazy drivers, gone.

Thursday, 7/26, GSX ODO 3749
To work and back, the long way around... the opposite direction.
Notable: What the hell!? Did half the drivers out there today take Stupid-Pills this morning!? Pulled over by a cop, the woman finishes getting her ticket, pulls away and then 20 yards later comes to a complete stop ...in the middle of the one lane road. WTF? Everyone drives around her... whatever. On the way home, SDEs (Stupid Driver Events) are too numerous to recount, from minivans driven by maniacal Mario Andretti wannabes, to the girl who decides that rapidly dodging half way into the adjacent lane is smarter than merely slowing for the traffic in front of her as they move into the left-turn lane. Must be the summer heat....

Wednesday, 7/25, GSX ODO 3728
To work and back, the long way around.
Notable: The "not good" riding weather has been perfect (60s in the morning, 70s and low 80s during the day, partly cloudy) three days running. Tomorrow's forecast is iffy, but it could be a beautiful day, too.

Tuesday, 7/24, GSX ODO 3707
To work and back.
Notable: Not much, which, I suppose, is good.

Sunday, 7/22, GSX ODO 3693
Out. Next week will not be good riding weather, The-Best-Wife-Ever(tm) tells me.
Notable: Not out long enough to go anywhere new.

Saturday, 7/21, GSX ODO 3636/3654
Home again. And later, back out for a trip to AAA to get my International Driving Permit.
Notable: Swapped the 330i for the bike. Cold tires made me ancy about riding anywhere but home. Lame. But, what a day -- is this July!? 70s and blue skies with light clouds. Nice!

Thursday, 7/19, GSX ODO 3628

To work.
Notable: Left the bike at work, picked up 330i from autobody shop. Dent-be-gone!

Wednesday, 7/18, GSX ODO 3622
To work and back.
Notable: Not much.

Tuesday, 7/17, GSX ODO 3608
To work and back.
Notable: Took the long way in the morning to avoid rush-hour traffic.

Sunday, 7/15, GSX ODO 3588
To gas station and back.
Notable: Lifted the front wheel going into 2nd!

Thursday, 7/12, GSX ODO 3573
To work and back.

Wednesday, 7/11, GSX ODO 3569

To work and back.

Sunday, 7/8, GSX ODO 3555
Around, just after sunset.
Notable: A quick ride, just to get out.

Friday, 7/6, GSX ODO 3549
From Dayton, OH home.
Notable: Perfect weather! 70s, partially cloudy and light traffic the whole way until I-70. Good advice from an elderly couple at an I-70 gas station to stay in town, enjoy a late lunch, and let the parking lot on I-70 clear. Good plan! An hour later, I-70 was mostly clear again... caught just the tail end of the echos of the earlier blockage. Now my neck is really sore.

Thursday, 7/5, GSX ODO 3055
A quick lap around the block.
Notable: Escort for new rider just before sundown. Success!

Sunday, 7/1, GSX ODO 3046
To Dayton, OH
Notable: Speeds of 80 to 95 mph through the mountains (keeping up with all the SUVs and pickups). Ouch, my neck is sore! Breaks every 50 miles to stretch. 525 miles today.

Saturday, 6/30, GSX ODO 2521
Who knows?! I had to make up the last four days to account for the mileage.

Friday, 6/29, GSX ODO 2478
To work and back.

Thursday, 6/28, GSX ODO 2464
To work and back.

Tuesday, 6/26, GSX ODO 2450
To work and back.

Monday, 6/25, GSX ODO 2436
To work, gym and back.
Notable: Left my car at work, so the bike was all I had... crap weather, with drizzle about a mile from home. After the gym, it was better -- mostly dry roads. A quick ride home to sell the SV!

Sunday, 6/17, GSX ODO 2411
Following my afternoon walk path -- 2.8 miles.
Notable: Not the ride I'd planned... but better than nothing.

Saturday, 6/16, GSX ODO 2378/2408
To Loudoun Motorsports to check out the new bikes. Later, around the area.
Notable: Beautiful weather, nice bikes at Loudoun Motorsports. Couldn't resist going out again in the afternoon.

Friday, 6/15, GSX ODO 2345
To work and back.

Tuesday, 6/12, GSX ODO 2331
To work and back.

...missing time... wrote it down, then lost the note...

Tuesday, 5/29, GSX ODO 2165

To work and back via 28.
Notable: Bad karma on the way home.... (no crash, tho)

Sunday, 5/27, GSX ODO 2138
Visit with family and back.
Notable: Warm and humid, uck.

Saturday, 5/26, GSX ODO 2103
To get my hair cut, and back.
Notable: Hot!

Friday, 5/25, GSX ODO 2079
To work, home late!
Notable: Home in the dark! What a great week for riding!

Thursday, 5/24, GSX ODO 2065
Work, home for lunch, GW for football, dinner at Not Your Average Joes, then home.
Notable: 70s and sunny, and great riding all over. Best day of riding this year!

Wednesday, 5/23, GSX ODO 2017
To gym, work, bookstore, and home.
Notable: Couldn't find BIKE magazine (a great UK biker mag I started reading a few months back) so I picked up the latest WIRED and the UK edition of Stuff (...the UK version has more gadgets than girls....) Did I mention that I LOVE spring!? 70s amd sunny... ahhhh!

Tuesday, 5/22, GSX ODO 1985
To work, VW dealer, and home.
Notable: I love spring! Finally here, for real!

Monday, 5/21, GSX ODO 1967
To work, final post-op check-up, back to work, and home.
Notable: All clear after my 1/10/07 crash. Thanks to Dr Allen, my grade 3 AC separation is mostly as good as new. And, I'm well on my way toward my goal for 2007 of getting into shape. Yeah, starting off the hard way... but that seems to be how things work out sometimes. Be careful what you wish for! Anyway, a perfect day for riding -- but wow, lots of cops out!

Saturday, 5/19, GSX ODO 1934
To Andrews Air Force Base, and back -- on 28, 495 and 66.
Notable: Hell yeah -- 495 was absolutely crazy, but I'm still alive. Can't imagine commuting on the 5 in California, which has faster traffic and is a much rougher highway. Passed by bikers doing 100+ (and cars doing 90+). Forgot that I had to have a military id / motorcycle license to get on base, so ended up taking the bus from FedEx field. But it was all worth it in the end; the F-18 demo was awesome, and the F-22 demo was unbelievable. Check this out: http://youtube.com/watch?v=GW2Hvu_mUdU The ride home was a little more serene -- especially after getting off 495 and right into the bumper-to-bumper traffic on 66. Maybe lane-splitting should be legalized in Virginia! ;-)

Thursday, 5/17, GSX ODO 1812
Just a quick trip for air in the tires, and excuse to get out, really.
Notable: 68, but not much else.

Wednesday, 5/16, GSX ODO 1807
To work and back.
Notable: Nothing.

Tuesday, 5/15, GSX ODO 1792
Back from the WWW2007 conference in Banff -- now, there's a place to ride a motorcycle! But, today was just to work and back.
Notable: Nasty traffic. :-(

Tuesday, 5/8, GSX ODO 1777
To work and back.
Notable: 70s and sunny - I could ride all day!

Monday, 5/7, GSX ODO 1761
To work and back.
Notable: 68 and sunny, but leaving work during rush-hour sucks. I hate traffic.

Sunday, 5/6, GSX ODO 1747
To the gym and back.
Notable: 60s and sunny -- but it's really chilly!

Friday, 5/4, GSX ODO 1722
To the gym, work, and home.
Notable: Workout out by myself today, not so bad. High 60s and sunny -- that's more like it!

Thursday, 5/3, GSX ODO 1706
To gym, work, and home.
Notable: Working out and riding don't mix - ouch! (Didn't crash... but it has got to be worse than drinking and riding.) 60s and overcast too. But, it's spring! Riding is required!

Monday, 4/30, GSX ODO 1661
To the gym, work, and home.
Notable: Spring is here at last!? 70s and sunny.

Sunday, 4/29, GSX ODO 1624
To gym and back (indirectly, I think....)
Notable: 69 and sunny - absolutely perfect. Crazy to be running indoors when the weather is perfect, but going to the gym is a great excuse to go riding.

Friday, 4/27, GSX ODO 1604
Notable: Too long ago to remember (finally blogging again, 5/24). Had a great Friday night out, afterward.

Sunday, 4/22, GSX ODO 1585
To GW and back.
Notable: Nowhere to go, but after an entire day of perfect weather, it'd just be wrong not to go out.
Saturday, 4/21, GSX ODO 1561
Air in the tires, and GW and back.
Notable: A later departure than planned, after getting air, meant only a short ride.

Friday, 4/20, GSX ODO 1539
To work, lunch at Reston Town Center, and home again.
Notable: Perfect weather! Nice to feel like the tires might be gripping again.

Thursday, 4/19, GSX ODO 1482
Around. Briefly.
Notable: Halaluea! Warm weather is finally back. Only high 50s today, but the sun is out, and it's warming up! But, the cold tires leave me feeling like I'm riding on ice.

Wednesday, 4/4, GSX ODO 1479
To Best Buy and back.
Notable: The weather is unusually cool this week, but it warmed up this afternoon just long enough for a quick round-trip to pick up God of War II and Command & Conquer 3. C&C3 rocks!

Thursday, 3/29, GSX ODO 1458
To work and back.

Wednesday, 3/28, GSX ODO 1444
To work, Bungalo Billiards, and home.

Sunday, 3/25, GSX ODO 1411
To Coleman Powersports and back, via 28, Fairfax County Parkway, 66, 123, 50, 29, and others... with a brief spin through the George Mason campus.
Notable: Sunny and 60s -- everyone is out; too many sportbikes to count. Of course, Coleman was closed today (oops!) so my trip was in vain. But, good riding practice nonetheless.

Sunday, 3/25, SV ODO 1889
The SV also gets a weekly warm-up to keep the battery charged, but most weeks only gets to roll a few feet. At 1,889 miles, and never been dropped!
Notable: The SV is still for sale -- all reasonable offers considered!

Friday, 3/23, GSX ODO 1332
To skyline drive (north to mid) and back, via 7, 15, 66 and back on 211/29, 66 and 28.
Notable: Chilly and overcast, and way too much sand on the turns. Dropped the bike in the grass near the guard gate at the mid entrance (just on the way out, after 90 relatively uneventful miles) -- locked both the breaks on the sand, slid out of the turn. Fortunately, it was a soft landing, and the guard helped me upright the bike. Sigh. The sand on the road down the mountains was even worse, so perhaps learning the hard way on that turn saved me from a worse lesson on 211. It's not riding season till the sand is gone!

Thursday, 3/22, GSX ODO 1145
Air in the tires, and around for a bit.

Tuesday, 3/20, GSX ODO 1132
To work and back.

Tuesday, 3/13, GSX ODO 1118
70s and sunny today -- finally! Another brief run around the block.
Notable: Clutchless up-shifts. Read about it in Sport Rider and a UK biker magazine a couple of weeks ago, tried it a bit on Sunday and a bunch more today. Lift, blip the throttle, and the transmission slides into the next gear... nice!

Sunday, 3/11, GSX ODO 1105
Another beautiful day. A few more miles to let the gixer strech her legs. A couple of 100+ runs confirm everything is running smoothly, and the bike is still well balanced (fortunately).
Notable: Still cautious (mostly), and especially wary of sand on turns, but feeling none of the fear than Kevin suggested might pop up.

Saturday, 3/10, GSX ODO 1083
The gixer needed a turn, too.
Notable: Repaired, except it feels as though the right handlebar may have been torqued a bit more than I thought. At first, I thought it was pulling to the left, but then realized it was just my right-hand position that was forward a fraction of an inch.

Saturday, 3/10, SV ODO 1889
Quick warm-up run.
Notable: Beautiful weather in the 60s. Time to let the SV stretch a bit.

Friday, 3/2, GSX ODO 1077
...and home.
Notable: The bike is doing better than my shoulder, but both should be in good shape by the time Spring rolls around!

Wednesday, 1/10, GSX ODO 1071
To work and er....
Notable: First crash. Oops.

Wednesday, 1/10, SV ODO 1883
From Loudoun Motorsports to home. Oil and filter changed.
Notable: Gloves work nicely - even at freezing temps!

Saturday, 1/6, GSX ODO 1064
Around the neighborhood, then to Coleman Powersports.
Notable: First ride with a passenger. Heavy traffic on Rt.7. Great smells from all the restaurants along Rt.7 in Alexandria. More bumper-to-bumper traffic on 66! :-( Now have alpinestars gloves for winter!

Wednesday, 1/3, SV ODO 1871
To home and back from Loudoun Motorsports, to trade with the gixer.
Notable: Anyone want to buy a like-new 2006 Suzuki SV650S with only 1,871 miles?

Wednesday, 1/3, GSX ODO 969
To Loudoun Motorsports and back for 600 mile service. Only a little behind schedule.
Notable: Cold! Need winter riding gloves!

Tuesday, 1/2, SV ODO 1847e
To Loudoun Motorsports, again.
Notable: Bright sunny morning, but at 10AM, it's still really cold.

Monday, 1/1/2007, SV ODO 1834
To Loudoun Motorsports and back. Intending to drop off for service the next day, but discovered they're not really set up for drop-off.
Notable: Chilly and the streets are wet. But, nice to get out.

Friday, 12/29, GSX ODO 945
Out and back. To pick up a 9' xmas tree.
Notable: Best laid plans... no more trees.

Wednesday, 12/27, SV ODO 1810
Out and back. To air out the SV.
Notable: Chilly temps (40s and sunny) make for a short ride.

Monday, 12/18, GSX ODO 932
To work and back. To Skyline Drive, and back... barely.
Notable: A 2006 GSX-R1000 easily outruns a 2007 Corvette Z06 to 120 mph. 74 degrees in December!! South on Rt.28, a guy shuffling CDs in/out of a multi-CD carrier while (mostly) steering with his pinkies... at 70 mph. Approaching Skyline Drive at sunset - where's my helmet-cam! How twisty 211 gets on the last five miles approaching Skyline Drive. Too many deer to count on Skyline Drive. Low gas light blinking for 15 miles down Skyline Drive. 7-11 gas station at the North entrace to Skyline Drive - woohoo! 80-90 mph in the dark on I-66. Rush-hour traffic on Rt.28 and Rt.7 at 7PM.

Sunday, 12/17, GSX ODO 707
To Home Depot and back. Then, Leesburg and back.
Notable: Loving the "warm" (60s and sunny) weather!

Friday, 12/15, GSX ODO 656
To work and back via Dulles Town Center.
Notable: The roads aren't long enough, and there's too much traffic. But, no run-ins with "black and whites", anyway.

Thursday, 12/14, SV ODO 1804
Around. Just to shake off the cobwebs on the SV.
Notable: Sad. I am officially spoiled by the GSX-R. The SV is way too buzzy, "lacks" power and smoothness, and the breaking is squishy and not as sharp... It only took me about 500 miles on the gixer to realize that about the SV. ;-)

Thursday, 12/14, GSX-R ODO 626
To work and back via Loudoun Motorsports.
Notable: 50s and 60s and sunny for the next several days!

Tuesday, 12/12, GSX-R ODO 594
To work and back.
Notable: Merging onto Loudoun County Parkway, overtook at BMW M3 at 60 mph -- pushing it, could have passed him doing 120 mph in second gear. (Not so notable.) Showing restraint while passing two cops at 55 mph: Priceless!

Monday, 12/11, GSX-R ODO 579
To work and back, with an extra detour or two.

Notable: 10,000 RPM rocks! 70 MPH+, in first gear.

Sunday, 12/10, GSX-R ODO 564
To CostCo and back, the fun way.
Notable: Now past 500 miles, I can crank it to 10,000 RPM. The additional power is intoxicating -- but I only wheelied once (barely) moving from 1st to 2nd gear. Nice!

Saturday, 12/9, GSX-R ODO 504
To Wendy's and back for lunch. It's pretty cold -- 40s, but with the sun out and no wind, it feels warm. Can't wait till tomorrow (50s - 60s and sunny).
Notable: The ride out was nice, but the ride back was pretty cold - I need warmer gloves!

Friday, 12/1, GSX-R ODO 480
Gas and air, Waxpool and Loudoun County Parkway.
Notable: Instead of the cold rainy weather that was promised, we got windy cloud-filled skies and temps in the 70s with sun! Beautiful sunset. Rode for a mile or two down Waxpool with a fellow gixer rider on a GSX-R750. Oh! And, picked up my permanent plates -- lucky the weather turned around so that I could take them for a spin. ;-)

Thursday, 11/30, GSX-R ODO 462
Dead battery in my BMW -- following the tow truck to the shop, then to work. Low humidity and relatively high temps called for taking the long way home via the Dulles Town Center parkways, Best Buy and GW campus.
Notable: Impossible to believe that the riding weather is even better tonight; even past sundown. Too long off the gixer; felt great. And, she's almost to the first break-in threshhold: I'll be able to go to 10,000 RPM soon! At 1,000 miles I'll be able to use the full 13,500 - yeah baby!!

Friday, 11/17, GSX-R ODO 377, 428
To eye doctor and back. Fortunately, results at the eye doctor were good. Working from home while waiting for my (car) windshield to be repaired. And then to work and back because the windshield needed to cure for another hour.
Notable: A beautiful sunny day. 51 degrees on the way out didn't feel too bad, but my core temperature must have dropped, because 55 degrees felt really kinda cold on the way back. But not too cold to head out again - the ride to work felt great.

Wednesday, 11/15, GSX-R ODO 364
To work and back.
Notable: Ah, I'm officially spoiled; the breaking, the shifting, the acceleration... perfect. The morning weather was chilly but nice, but the afternoon was a dismal and cold gray.

Tuesday, 11/14, SV ODO 1798
Time to air out the SV - to work and back under gray skies in chilly 57 degree weather. The forecast promised 63 and partially cloudy, but that wasn't until mid-day.
Notable: Braking the SV for the first time was a shock; nowhere near as much grip as the GSX-R (not surprisingly). Ditto on the acceleration, although the SV has some advantage in being able to hit 12,000 RPM; the GSX-R is limited to 6,000 for another 650 miles. Lighter feel (less inertia) too. But, it's easy enough to transition between the two; inspiring a renewed respect for the power and braking on the GSX-R. Just a matter of perspective.

Saturday, 11/11, GSX-R ODO 351
To Eleanor C. Lawrence Park and back, and Broad Run Highschool and back.
Notable: Yes! Sunny and in the 70s -- almost too warm in the sun. The clutch is causing me trouble in first gear; one out of every ten starts has been grinding badly for the past couple of days....

Friday, 11/10, GSX-R ODO 279
To the bank and back for cash; hey, I'm saving gas! ;-) To Best Buy and back, and then Uno's and back for dinner.
Notable: Could the weather be any more perfect for riding!?

Thursday, 11/9, GSX-R ODO 239
To work and back, to Loudoun County Motorsports to pick up my rear seat, and on to Snickersville Turnpike.
Notable: After a number of rainy and cool days, it's back in the high 60s with cloudless skies. Snickersville Turnpike was even more narrow than I'd imagined, but traffic was light, and it was a very scenic ride. It'd be even more beautiful as a passenger, or with a few stops along the way.

Wednesday, 11/1, GSX-R ODO 148
To work, Borders, and back.
Notable: Beautiful weather: in the high 60s and just touching 70, with partially cloudy skies. Could have ridden much longer, but my low speed riding was feeling sloppy, and I didn't want that to translate into a high-speed crash. My cold wins -- time to rest. :-(

Tuesday, 10/31, GSX-R ODO 124
To work Best Buy, and back. 3.569 gallons of gas at 122 miles -- effective mileage: 35 mpg. Save gas and outrun Ferarri's! ;-)
Notable: Humidity makes as big a difference to effective temperature as wind chill. The weekend was surprisingly warm -- even below 60 -- due to low humidity. High 60s today, and it's chilly. But, adrenaline does a lot to take the edge off! ;-)

Tuesday, 10/31, SV ODO 1785
To Fair Oaks Hospital and back to pick up MRI films.
Notable: The SV feels a bit lighter and softer, but still lots of fun to ride; I haven't been spoiled by the gixer!

Monday, 10/30, GSX-R ODO 097
To work and back.
Notable: Surprisingly, not much -- there and back too quickly.

Sunday, 10/29, GSX-R ODO 078
To Sears and back for a water filter for the fridge. To Belmont Ridge for football via Harris Teater, for chicken-salad sandwiches.
Notable: If all weekend chores involved riding, they'd be much more motivating; I've never had so much fun replacing a water filter. ;-) Very windy yesterday and today, but with increasingly sunny skies, and temps around 60, it's perfect riding weather.

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