Sunday, October 29, 2006

You Don't Have To Be Crazy, But It Helps

Saturday, 10/28, ODO 024
From Loudoun Motorsports to home. After riding over 1,700 miles over the past three months, how could the ODO be only 00024?? Well....

We just stopped by the dealer to "look" - but there it was, right by the door on the way in.... sat down; it felt light, familiar, comfortable... no longer intimidating. Uh oh.

$100 over cost!? Uh oh. Weather check, 60 degrees and partially cloudy... but also partially sunny. Uh oh.

With encouragement from the best-wife-ever(tm), went home, picked up my jacket, helmet, and gloves, and she gave me a ride back to the dealer to pick up the new bike. It was my one of my goals from January 2006; a picture posted to the wall since spotting it in the February 2006 Sport Rider. Next.

Oh... Notable: I was a little concerned about the sensitivity of the throttle response - 100 mph in first gear, and 0-60 in under 3.0 seconds sounds tricky to hang onto. How mistaken I was... the control is smooth as silk, the bike is light and quick, and throttle control feels, for lack of a better analogy, like a hot knife through butter. ...actually, a hot samurai sword through butter. Oh, and the sound of a 1000cc inline four: Lamborghini meets Ferrari, on two wheels. My wife says that the rumble at 4,000 rpm is audible more than a block away.

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