Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blog Abuse

I actually have been updating my blog regularly, but you wouldn't know it, because... well, I've been abusing my blog. I haven't seen a "rules of blogging" (probably only because I haven't looked for one), but I'm sure that one of the rules is:

* When you make posts, don't return to make changes unless those changes are corrections or substantial updates to the status of the original post. When making these changes, they should be clearly highlighted as such at the top of the page.

I, on the other hand, have been using a few pages as my diaries, e.g., So, the updates are there, but generally aren't shown as "updates" by the RSS feed, and the like. If there is a "proper etiquette" in blogging, I'm sure this is a violation of the most heinous sort.

I could put each motorcycle entry as it's own blog entry... but... I don't know. Call me "old school"...

Does anyone care except me?


weloytty said...

I care! I care!

I have 105 feeds that I am subscribed to, and they only show up in if they are new, so I haven't seen any of your changes.

Dossy said...

I don't care. If they don't show up in my blog reader, they don't exist for me. :-)

If you decide to give away all your earthly possessions to the first person to ask for them, then please post that in a new blog entry so I don't miss it. Thanks! :-)