Saturday, May 03, 2008

In Tribute to William Poesch, from Gertrude

Continuing the cards and letters sent following my Dad's death, April 7th, 2006:

My dear Sylvia,

We just returned from a trip to Florida for a month and I got the word that Bill had passed on. His was a long ordeal with cancer, but we know that now he is safe in God's eternal care.

How many thoughts and concerns are with you and the myriad of things that need to be taken care of and more importantly the difficult adjustment for you personally.

It was obvious to me that yours and Bill's was a very close and dear relationship. A lovely example to observe.

Ed and I are quite happy and content in our new home situation. It is definitely where we should be at this point in our lives. We really feel this is "home" now.

I send my love and best wishes -- Gertrude

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