Monday, April 07, 2008

In Tribute to William Poesch

Wow. My blog updates have entered into a whole new era of lameness. Two months of nothing... not that life has been uneventful. In fact, maybe because it has been busy, I haven't had time to update my life online.

We spent a couple of weekends moving 40+ years of belongings from my Mom's VA home. Spent Spring Break in CA catching up with friends and family up and down the coast -- and of course, visiting friend-Mickey in Disneyland. Then, jet lag and too many germs brought a couple of days home sick in bed, and two weeks recovery.

Among the belongings moved from my Mom's place were a whole satchel full of sympathy cards she kept following my Dad's death two years ago.

Going through them was tough... but what the heck was I supposed to do with them, I wondered. As I read, I realized that many contained tributes that deserve to be captured. And, I've succeeded in procrastinating until this point... on the anniversary of my Dad's death, it seems fitting to begin sharing the kind words sent by friends and family.

Even after culling through the pile of notes, those with substantive thoughts and messages were still several inches high. So, I figured I could capture one a day on my blog.

Tonight's note comes from good friends of our family, and was sent to me:

Dear Mark,

Just wanted to write a short note to let you know that we are thinking of your family in the home-going of your Dad.

Keith and Bill have known each other since the fifties when both were Engineering students at U.C.L.A. Over the years he has been a very special friend who shared his life and enthusiasm and joy with both of us.

May your many memories bring joy to you as you grieve.

We send our love,
Pat and Keith

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