Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Tribute to William Poesch, from Barbara and Bob

Continuing the cards and letters sent following my Dad's death, April 7th, 2006:

Dear Sylvia,

Know that you are in our prayers.

Can't tell you how often I have thought of you both. We had some wonderful times. Thank God for the memories.

Don't want to lose track of you. Keep us posted on your plans. We do get to Calif every now and then. My brother, and several cousins are still there in the LA area. Haven't gotten back to Virginia as much as we would like.

After the loss of our son Mark nine years ago April, I know that God's help will see you through. Can't understand people who don't have faith. My faith has seen me through many different times and I know it will see you through your sorrow.

Stay in touch.

God Bless.

Barbara and Bob

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