Saturday, April 26, 2008

Motorcycle Diaries 2008.04.26

Saturday, 4/26, GSX ODO 4998
To Borders for the May issue of Fast Bikes, and a quick run to Fosters to pick up burgers.
Notable: 8:45AM the sun is out, low humidity and perfect temps. Was thinking about the gym, but opted for the bookstore instead. Had to leave the drink cups behind at Fosters -- pickup on a motorcycle, not such a good plan. Wanted to ride to the game at 4:30PM, but the downpour at 5:30PM would have left me looking like a drowned rat... worse, visibility dropped to 10-20 yards at times, standing water probably would have made me dump the bike, and every turn would have taken ten years off my life. The 550i, on the other hand, loves playing in the water. It has spent a good 1,000 to 2,000 miles of its life in the rain on highways around the world, and I can count the times when I noticed the water (momentary hydroplaning) on one hand... I've never driven a car that is so rock solid in the rain. (A good thing, since she's like an elephant on ice skates when we get over half an inch of snow!)

Friday, 4/25, GSX ODO 4965
To the gym and work.
Notable: Everyone looks at me funny as I work out in boots and jeans -- but I have more fun getting to / from my workout! Saves gas, too!

Thursday, 4/24, GSX ODO 2933
To GW and back.
Notable: Couldn't ride to work, but after getting home, it was a beautiful day for a quick ride.

Wednesday, 4/23, GSX ODO 4915
To Loudoun Motorsports and back.
Notable: New tires at 4,905 miles!

Tuesday, 4/22, GSX ODO 4890
To work and back.
Notable: Cool in the morning, and warm on the way home.

Saturday, 4/19, GSX ODO 4875
To the gym!
Notable: Incentive to work out, or an excuse to ride!? Does it matter?? A perfect cool Spring morning -- back to the gym after far too many weeks off (travel, followed by illness, followed by recovery, followed by laziness).

Friday, 4/18, GSX ODO 4857
To Loudoun Motorsports, Best Buy, and home.
Notable: Time for new tires, and $150 for a front and rear MAXXIS is a deal that's worth a close look! Not a whole lot of coverage on the web, but what is out about the Presa Sport looks good. If nothing else, they're certainly better than the thrashed rubber that's clinging to the wheels, now.

Wednesday, 4/16, GSX ODO 4833
To work and back (twice!)
Notable: A beautiful spring day, with time to zip home for lunch.

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